Sony Bluetooth USB and Nokia 7650, Tested and Working

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Date: Monday, December 16th, 2002, 07:59
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Just thought I’d drop a quick note to let you folks know that the gorgeous Sony Japan Bluetooth USB adapter that was featured sometime ago on PowerPage works quite nicely with Jaguar (10.2.2). I’m hoping to keep my Nokia 7650 synchronized with the new TiG4 (1Ghz) I placed an order for this week.

I decided to test out the Sony Bluetooth adapter on my PowerMac G4 at home. Well, I can categorically say that it was quite a “plug & play” experience! I poped the bugger into a free USB port, the Bluetooth hardware icon appeared in the System Preference, I paired my Mac and the Nokia. And that was it! So far I’ve tried exchanging Address contacts as well as sending pictures from the Nokia back to my G4 – works rather well. But I haven’t had as much luck sending an SMS from the Address book as described in Apples kbase (the “SMS Message” menu is greyed out). Nor have I tried using bluetooth for Internet dial-out as yet.

In case your readers are wondering, I live in Hong Kong, the Sony adapter retails for about HK$900 (US$115). Yes, its slightly more than double the price of the D-Link, but the cool-factor is worth it 😉 [Ed: Agreed! One of the prettiest USB devices I’ve ever seen! If any distributors out there are listening, it’d be great to see this Stateside. -PK]

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