Sony Ericsson P800 to Support iSync

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Date: Tuesday, March 18th, 2003, 00:00
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I visited the CeBIT expo yesterday and got to talk to a guy at the Sony Ericsson stand. He was demonstrating iSync on a PowerBook G4. When I asked if the new P800 mobile phone will support iSync he told me that two guys from Apple came over to their stand (probably to set up everything) and informed him that they were indeed working on an update for iSync. It would be an entire new revision (iSync 2.0?) because of all the new things they had to support in the phone that were not yet in. He could not give a specific time frame, but it would be done between one and three months.

The reliability of this rumor may be in doubt, but for me it’s good enough. Also got a free cap, carrying cord and T-shirt from the manager. They even had a service point where you could get your phone updated for free. I was quite impressed with their service.

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