Sony Laptops to get an Edge Over Apple

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Date: Monday, June 9th, 2003, 11:57
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Sony is licensing Waves audio processing technology for its laptops. Audio producers might just find this development important enough when deciding which laptop to buy…

Check out this story on Sony licensing Waves audio processing technology for its laptops.
Sony is Apple’s closest competitor in many ways, and some of its current laptop offerings are as attractive, if not more attractive, than Apple’s. Sony’s top of the line model even features the world’s first integrated DVD +/- W drive. I wonder if this new development will finally give Sony the edge over Apple.

Waves Ltd., the worlds’ leading supplier of audio signal processing solutions for the professional, broadcast and consumer electronics audio markets, today announced that Sony will license three of Waves’ audio processors to be integrated into Sony’s SonicStage Mastering Studio application. Sony will include Waves’ Renaissance Bass, S1 StereoImager and L1 Ultramaxizer in SonicStage Mastering Studio applications, which has begun shipping on all new Sony VAIO personal computers in Japan and will be shipping on models worldwide in the Summer of 2003. The Waves audio processing tools dramatically improve the audio quality for VAIO users, particularly when recording analog source music to PCs and writing to audio CDs with very high quality sound.
“Waves tools are used today in mastering practically every major music release and movie soundtrack, because of their unsurpassed acoustic quality and Waves is pleased to cooperate with Sony to deliver these tools to their VAIO customers,” stated Gilad Keren, CEO and co-founder of Waves. “The Waves processors integrated into Sony’s SonicStage Mastering Studio will deliver the same award-winning quality as our standard professional tools. Some additional presets for consumers have been added and there are some minor functional limitations in order to simplify their use.”
Waves tools are recognised by top professionals for delivering clear transparent sound quality. The Renaissance Bass, S1 StereoImager and L1 Ultramaximizer processors do not provide users a sound “effect”, rather they make the music more natural by compensating for limitations in the frequency range, dynamic range, a compression loss in audio systems.

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