Sounds That Matter: AudioX v. 2.0

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Date: Thursday, September 26th, 2002, 08:02
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RealMac Software is proud to present AudioX was written for OS X users who want an easy way to record sound from any input source under Mac OS X (such as use with microphones, USB microphones or even a firewire video camera).

AudioX is great for:

  • Recording sounds.
  • Recording vinyl records.
  • Recording tapes.
  • Recording interviews.
  • Recording radio shows.

This program is a great addition to the many other OS X shareware titles available today for download. AudioX is a must have program if you need to be able to record anything and everything. While most macs on the market today come with an internal speaker, it only makes sense to take advantage and use it to the full potential with AudioX.

REALmac Software
AudioX 2.0 (direct OS X download)
Register (US$7)

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