Sprint's New 3G Vision Network Incompatible with Macs

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Date: Friday, August 9th, 2002, 09:04
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Sprint PCS yesterday launched their new “PCS Vision” 3G network and there are no Macintosh options available. They have two PCMCIA cards available with a third on the way and none have Mac support nor do they plan on it. It is very upsetting to have an 800MHz PowerBook G4 and not be able to surf wirelessly because no one will make Mac drivers. I cant even use Virtual PC because they don’t support any PC cards. As of now, there is no solution.

As previously reported on the PowerPage, Verizon also offers their Express Network and the same story there. I run my business for the last 2 years off my PB G4 with few if any computer compatibility problems but without the ability to go on the Internet (at faster than 14.4 speed), this would be a turning point for me and my Macintosh. There must be a solution out there somewhere…

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