Starfish by Red Planet Software Review

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Starfish is a really cool desktop wallpaper program that generates pretty patternson your Mac. Red Planet Software is the company behind this neat desktop utility.Here is their description of the product.

Starfish generates unique wallpaper patterns for a lively, colourful, andeye-catchingly unique desktop. It can be configured to automatically create newimages at set time intervals, or you can manually request a new desktop anytime.Starfish creates its images from scratch, mixing layers of fractal andtrigonometric algorithms with colour gradients and alpha-channel blending. Youdon’t need a library of existing images, and you’ll never see the same patterntwice. Starfish for MacOS, version 1.2, is available in the software archive.Version 1.3 beta 5 is also available for those willing to put up with a few bugs(nothing serious that I know of).

You can download Starfish from its Web site.

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