Surface 1030 Competition Mousing Surfaces

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Date: Wednesday, November 27th, 2002, 00:00
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Several of our readers suggested that the sUrface 1030 mousepad was the ultimate for gaming. Before receiving the sample for testing I was skeptical that the two piece design would add unnecessarily to the overall thickness. This design allows for two different surfaces on a flat rigid plastic rectangle that fits into a recess on a rubber mat with a thin edge all around.

I was pleased to find that the overall thickness was not excessive at about 1/8-inch and that the rubber backing was the best anti-slip surface of any mousepad that I’ve used. I found that the smoother surface worked great with my optical mouse, even in black. The rougher surface texture did cause a slight jerkiness to the cursor movement. My biggest complaint is that when the mouse reaches the rubber border, it stops dead.

Some may like this clear demarkation of the edge, but since I use dual screens, I need to mouse beyond the pad on occasion. The pad also comes with a clip that helps to manage the mouse cord. Clearly, with a great non-slip backing and ultra smooth surface, this pad is great for gamers. At US$20, it is about twice as costly as the 3M Precision Mousing Surface, but seems like it would be more durable.

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