Tangerine iBook Gets Real

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Several readers wrote in with an iBook sighting on Fox’s new drama “Get Real.”

The youngest son, Kenny, was looking at his computer’s new screen saver featuring a photo of the girl he is pining for. The shot panned back from the screen to show a Tangerine iBook (including the iBook logo at the top of the screen) in all its glory, and then cut to a shot of Kenny from behind the laptop for several seconds, with a full shot of the back and the Apple logo, and then rose to an overhead view showing the keyboard and trackpad very plainly.

This amazed and overjoyed me for two reasons:

One – it was the most effective product placement that I have ever seen. I don’t think even the Mission Impossible or Independence Day movies showed the Apple trademarks so clearly.

Two – it was the only product placement I can recall on an unshipped product!

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