The Case Of The Missing PowerPage Editor

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Date: Wednesday, September 25th, 2002, 09:00
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As many of you have noticed, I had taken about a month and a half leave of absence from the PowerPage. I’ll try to update you all as to what happened that allowed for my mysterious disappearance.

First off, I had a great iBook oops story. I dropped my iBook 600 on a wooden floor. Of course we all believe that Apple Computers are durable enough to sustain jut about anything, but not my model. The hard drive died and needed replacing as well as the entire laptop frame. I was lucky enough that Apple gave me a less than 72-hour turn around.

After receiving my iBook back from the dead I immediately turned around and sold it to a friend in preparation for my entire new computer purchases for college. In lieu of the iBook I purchased a Titanium PowerBook 800 as well as a PowerMac G4 Dual GHz DDRAM with the Apple 17″ Flat Panel.

Now, enter college. Most of you probably can understand the ordeal of packing up all your belongings (as well as computer equipment) for a huge move to an entirely new place. Well, that ate up a large portion of time.

Currently I am all settled in at Rochester Institute of Technology in my third week of classes as a New Media & Publishing major. I look forward to continuing writing for the PowerPage and thank all of you for putting up with my absence for the past couple of weeks. If you have any questions for me you can continue to reach me via email:

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