The Mac mini Size + Form + Quiet = Mi Musica!

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Date: Thursday, April 14th, 2005, 06:14
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There are a number of characters and factors which make me appreciate my Mac mini. Read More..

There are a number of characters and factors which make me appreciate my Mac mini.
So the ‘Quiet’ is desirable and the ‘COOL’ silent operation is truly amazing especially in our climate which at the end of the day can ramp up the mostly silent iMac G5 to an audible background noise but only on occasions in this fan cooled sub tropical Town House where I live. Yes the dulcet tones and cool are not in anyway disturbed by the quiet and lack of even a whisper from the amazing Mac mini. A real appeal companion is set for me in the ability to have favourite family photos in a permanent selected slideshow with the ever selective iTune music at will.
I have had an occasion to pack The Mac mini in Roam kit up in the padded ‘stm’ bag I use for my iBook and it is feels about the same weight if you include the little ultra light mini keyboard, tiny mouse and power pack. So my quiet roaming multi purpose plug and play appliance is ready for my lectures, research or even a family get together where I will in a switcher situation make the attachment to a spare monitor or a TV.
The Form of the Mac mini is Amazing and I have at length written about it but it can never be over explained. Until you have held in your hand the equivalent to a large Tower PC, one would have to exclaim, “What a tiny desktop computer” how did they do it?
I can place my hand finger edges down across the Mac mini’s width and pick it up but if you do this be certain to have it switched off, because hard drives, even in a laptop while it is switched on should be treated carefully. The old Architectural form follows function tenet is truly observed here in the Mac mini design. The size of the CD insertion opening in a way really defines the mini both in form and in size.
The band of ‘hopefuls’, I call the band of plug and play sockets and connectors, match in style the front of the iAppliance. That ever present excellent design form of Apple designers and engineers make the experience of form being delightfully cute. I have never said that about a computer before. I can see why the attachment and anthropomorphic nature of the hand size to appliance relationship. When we think of measurement even in the arbitrary size we think of the hand and the foot from which all our ancient dimensional understanding originated.
The whole article may be found on Mini Ture_MacJournal

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