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Date: Monday, April 25th, 2005, 17:27
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Think BelligerentA Wired article by Tom McNichol in the May 2005 issue talks about the New Apple ™ and the company’s plan to subvert free speech.

Steve Jobs will do anything to protect his precious secrets. So he’s suing Apple’s biggest fans. Inside the Mac daddy’s battle with the rumor blogs.
Nick Ciarelli is the kind of guy Apple is supposed to love. At age 6 he bagan using his parents’ Mac Classic and quickly became a zealot. At age 13 he launched a Web site devote to all things Apple, especially upcoming product releases, Now 19, Ciarelli has turned his site, Think Secret, into a must read for true Apple fans.
So why is the company trying to squash him?

To find out why, you’ll have to pick up the May 2005 issue of Wired at the newstand. It’s the one with Darth Vader on the the cover.

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