TiBook, iBook Bags Introduced with Clear Outer Pocket

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Date: Thursday, December 12th, 2002, 15:08
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Miss the days of the PowerBook 1400 and its removeable clear plastic cover, which allowed you to stick photos and odds-and-ends inside to customize your laptop look? Santa Cruz Digital Styles has introduced new laptop bags for the PowerBook G4 and 12″ Snow iBook that take a cue from the 1400: clear outer pockets for “personalization” if that’s for you. The water-repellant, high-grade cordura bags also feature a colorful microsuede lining, document pockets and CD/DVD pockets, and a clip-off accessory pocket. The bags have hand-carry handles and padded shoulder straps. TiStick, in silver and orange, is US$89.95 and SnowSeal is US$79.95 in blue and white. Educational and quantity discounts are available.

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