Tim Cook reacts to “The Hump” nickname for iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case, talks up accessory’s positive points

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Date: Friday, December 11th, 2015, 08:24
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This could be an unfortunate nickname that just sticks with a product.

Apple CEO Tim Cook, while attending an Hour of Code event in New York, spoke to Mashable’s Lance Ulanoff about the new iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case.

During the interview, Ulanoff asked Cook if he was excited about the “hump,” a mocking nickname people have given to the battery case due to its distinctive shape. In response, Tim Cook said he was aware of the comments people were making about the case. “You know, I probably wouldn’t call it ‘the hump,'” Cook said.

Cook cited that the new iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case is more malleable in comparison to other, more rigid cases from third parties.

“If you make this solid all the way across,” said Cook, indicating the spots where the Apple case’s embedded battery stops and you just have the soft fluoroelastomer casing, “in order to get it on, you’d find it very difficult to get it on and off.”

“So the guys had this great insight to put the bend in along with making it a smart case,” Cook explained.

Cook also responded to questions that the iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case compliments the sometimes-criticized iPhone 6s battery, which has been called too small by some critics. He stated that most people won’t need the accessory,”But if you’re out hiking and you go on overnight trips… it’s kind of nice to have.”

The iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case, which was introduced earlier this week and retails for $99, has received mixed reviews based on the case design and that it doesn’t have enough capacity to fully recharge an iPhone, points which put it in hard contrast to some features that are found in third-party battery cases.

If you’ve picked up the iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case and have any feedback to offer, please let us know in the comments.

Via MacRumors and Mashable

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