Tip: P800 Calendar iSyncing (Updated)

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Date: Friday, June 13th, 2003, 13:07
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iSync Calendar Sync has worked well with the T68 for some time, but there’s a trick to getting P800 functionality. Sander sends us the full technique.

This I found on esato.com, a forum for users of the infamous Sony Ericsson phones. I’ve tried this myself and can only conclude that it works perfect. There are some redraw bugs in the iSync window (ie you have to uncheck a checkbox and recheck it before you can adjust most of the calendar settings before syncing) but the syncing itself works flawlessly as far as I can tell: all my calendar and to-do items are synced and sync back too. Haven’t tested this with other phones, but it might work. As always: Make backups! Apple probably didn’t turned this off for nothing!
Credit goes to someone named nautilus who posted the message (which you can view on its message board)
Apple’s new iSync 1.1 works great for syncing Address Book contacts, but the calendar sync is not yet activated, although the UI elements are already visible in the sync panel. It turns out that even most of the functionality to sync the P800’s calendar with iCal is also present.
So if you want to enable iCal syncing with the P800, simply open the following plist text file:

/Library/Application Support/SyncService/501/SymbianConduitDefaults.plist
in your favorite text editor and change the following lines


Save the file and sync along. Although it works great for my calendar entries, it is possible that there may be some bugs that I haven’t found yet. So use at your own risk.

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