Titanium: Japanese Availability

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Francis from the Go2Mac.com Japanese bureau reports on Titanium availability in Japan:

The TiPB’s retail in Japan for 298,000 yen ($2483 at 120/$) but most of the discount shops give you a 13% cash discount which bring the TiPB’s down to US$2,160.

The situation is the same as in the US with small lots coming in for advance orders and none available for immediate delivery. I’d love an English keyboard TiPB but I can get a 20GB HD and 128MB RAM for the extra $300!

My TiPB won’t be delivered for another two-three weeks… Sigh.

Note: Jason is headed to Japan next week to cover Macworld Tokyo 2001. Send an email with any interesting things you have seen coming out of Japan or any “must see” items.

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