Touch Bar-equipped 2016 MacBook Pro notebooks do away with classic startup chime sound

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Date: Tuesday, November 1st, 2016, 05:04
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The Apple startup chime you know and love has gone the way of the dodo with the new Touch Bar-equipped MacBook Pro.

Pingie noticed that the new notebook’s NVRAM reset instructions lacked a reference to the startup chime. They later said they were able to confirm the change after getting their hands on a new MacBook Pro.

It’s thought that the classic chime sound – or lack of it – is part of the MacBook Pro’s new startup feature. The notebook is designed to turn on as soon as you open the laptop cover, or when it’s connected to an external power source while the lid is open.

The startup chime is a classic piece of Apple history, has been around in its current form since 1999 and has also appeared in Pixar’s “Wall-E”. It’s as classic as it gets and is as intertwined with the Mac as the trash can, which never went away, even with the introduction of OS X years ago.

Fortunately, the startup chime can apparently be enabled from the Terminal program, as linked below.

Via Macworld, Pingie and Pingie’s startup chime tutorial

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