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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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The Tracker has been updated again with news of MacMall’s memory special (which MacZone and MacConnection are unofficially matching in the spirit of competition) and the general trend of most resellers moving their shipping dates back to next week. If you don’t need more than 256 megs of memory (the small minority that you non-RAM-hungry people represent), MacMall and MacZone will substitute the memory for an AirPort card according to this reader feedback thread (“UPDATE: MacMall’s TiBook Memory Special“):

[dancdavis] I ordered the 500MHz from MacMall today, and instead of extra RAM, they gave me a free airport card (I bought the base station separately). If you don’t need more than 256MB, or if you want to buy a bigger chip later, talk to John at ext. 5146.

[blinky] I just got off the phone with Craig at MacZone. Since I already have my extra RAM, he gave me an airport card for free instead! He is willing to hear all deals, call him at 1-800-454-3686 x3689. Yes, the date of 2/7 has been pushed back a bit, and they just don’t know enough to say for sure yet when they will get them. I cancelled my order and got overnight shipping from MacZone for $30 instead of the RAM installation charge.

So will you get your Titanium love before Valentine’s Day? Most resellers that we are tracking have shipping dates very close to the 15th, so it looks like it might be close. Anyway, here’s a tidbit from an Archive reader (note that these PowerBooks are being shipped right over from Taiwan):

If you ordered your Titanium PowerBook from the Apple Store, brace yourself for a possible long delay when the laptop hits Alaska. FedEx says that it could take up to a week for the machines to clear customs. Mine has been stuck in Anchorage for 2 days now, awaiting customs clearance. FedEx has no idea when it will be back on an airplane bound for the lower 48 [states].

Not sure how true this is but it might be a factor that is contributing to these delays. Anyways, check out the Tracker; it’s still being updated daily with your tips and corrections so keep sending them in!

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