Tuesday Morning Surprise – New Towers, New Displays

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Date: Tuesday, January 28th, 2003, 09:46
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Steve has done it again. New gear has been released without leaks to the public!

We have three new G4 towers, based on the Xserve innards. These systems only boot from Mac OS X, offer the new FireWire 800 capability, and add internal support for Bluetooth and AirPort Extreme.

  • Single 1GHz G4/133MHz bus/256MB PC2100/60GB/Combo drive/Nvidia GeForce4 MX — US$1,499.00. This is an “ok” deal since the prior dual 867 was $200 more and had the dual processors that Mac OS X takes advantage of. Not bad for a budget tower however.
  • Dual-1.25GHz G4/167MHz bus/256MB PC2700/80GB/Combo drive/ATI Radeon 9000 Pro — US$1,999. This is an exceptional deal. A similarly configured system (without Superdrive) cost US$1,000 more yesterday.
  • Dual-1.42GHz G4/167MHz bus/512MB PC2700/120GB/SuperDrive/ATI Radeon 9000 Pro — US$2,699 The new high-end, shipping in February.

Can new Xserves be in the near future too, possibly with the much-anticipated XRaid?

Also on today’s lineup are significant price reductions in the Apple Cinema Displays, and a new 20″ widescreen display.

  • The 17″ Cinema Display (4:3 ratio, 1280×1024) has been reduced to US$699.
  • The 22″ Cinema Display has been discontinued.
  • The 23″ Cinema Display HD has taken a massive price cut. It now costs US$1,999 – yesterday, it cost US$3,499
  • Finally, a new “budget” Cinema Display, 20″ widescreen, offering 1680 x 1050 resolution – for an incredible price of only US$1,299.

Way to go Apple!

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