Turn Your Old PowerBook Into a Digital Picture Frame

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Date: Friday, September 13th, 2002, 11:31
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Duo Digital FrameA story on Slashdot explains how James Roos converted an old PowerBook Duo 280c into a cool digital picture frame.

Since an attractive and inexpensive digital picture frame has yet to hit the market, I decided to build my own using a PowerBook Duo 280c and the frame of my choosing. Not a new idea, but the 270c and 280c are the ideal platform for a digital picture frame. Consider the following:

  • Active matrix display featuring 1000s of colors
  • Ultra compact design can easily be mounted into a picture frame
  • Relatively small display is the perfect size. Others have mounted 12″ laptop displays into picture frames. Frankly, the results are disappointing. These “frame” look more like laptops on a stick. The LCD on the 270c and 280c is about the same size as a 5×7″ print. Larger than all of the commercially available digital frames, but not so large as to look goofy.
  • Easy to find and inexpensive. 280c’s are always up for auction on eBay and regularly sell for less than $100.

The PowerPage has a perfectly functional Duo 270c with DuoDock available for sale if anyone wants to give this a shot. Get in touch. -Ed

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