Ultimate Mac-Mobile!

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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This Ford Explorer is powered by a PowerBook G3 that runs a GPS and street atlas software and decodes MP3s. The radio headunit is a motorized 5.5 inch LCD screen that stows into the dashboard when not in use. Here’s how it works:

This idea was all great and good, however, my problem was getting video from the powerbook to the headunit. This issue was solved in two minutes with a quick search conducted by sherlock. There is a well known “hack,” which fools the CVA-1000 monitor into thinking it is receiving GPS input (a standard NTSC video signal outputed by the 1500.00 add-on). My local installer performed a stereo audio in hack as well.

I put a newer tech docking station in the back, so that I could remove the “book” when not in use. So for 1700.00 I got a fully removable and useful tool. The GPS and MP3 functions are very well implemented. I use a Kensington Orbit mouse up front, with each button programmed with various contextual menus. Recently, I added a DVD kit. Now feature length movies in digital surround are an essential part of any long trip. I use VST’s mobile powersupply to keep the “book” juiced.

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