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Date: Thursday, September 23rd, 2004, 04:04
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Take all of the things you love about Netflix and apply them to the music world, through in a Free Apple iPod Mini and you have the new company Ongo Bongo of California. Read on…

We thought you might like to know that there is a new player in town when it comes to how people can get the music they want most. A new company by the name of Ongo Bongo in California is set to become the ?Netflix? of the music world, with a new way for consumers to get all of the music they want.
Ongo Bongo is offering to rent an unlimited number of music CDs to its new customers for the flat rate fee of only $22 a month. Following the example set by DVD rental companies such as Netflix and BlockBuster the consumer can established a wish list ?queue? on the companies web site and then the consumer receives the original music CDs via USPS mail in a day or two, with prepaid postage mailers for both directions included. There are of course no late fees, penalties or extra costs involved.
As the music is being distributed in its original uncompressed and unencrypted CD format, just as you would get if you purchased the CD from any retail store, there is no DRM encryption and the consumer is free to play the music any place and any time he desires. An initial catalog spreading across all major genres is being compiled now and the web site should launch with over 100,000 song titles. Special attention is being given to music artists which the other online stores are not currently offering, such as the entire collection of Beatles CDs. So there should be enough variety to fit almost anyone?s taste.
Oh and one more thing, anyone who signs up for a 12 month charter membership to Ongo Bongo during the current limited time promotional period will receive a brand new Apple iPod Mini for FREE!

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