UPDATE: MacMall's TiBook Memory Special

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Reader David Diokno writes:

Just thought I’d add to your list that MacMall has a great deal … add 128 MB to the PB G4 400 (for $30 ? the cost of installation) and 256 MB to the PB G4 500 (for $30 ? the cost of installation). I just ordered a PB G4 500 w/256 and she said that there were 150 in the que ahead of me, but I should expect to be in this batch which will ship on 02/15/01 overnight for $29.88 FedEx total cost $3553.88.

[18:30 EST] EVEN BETTER, I called MacZone, they matched MacMall’s memory deal and memory and have projected shipping of Feb 07 (a week earlier than MacMall), with about 200 Ti 500’s above and beyond backorders, so, crossing my fingers, I?ll have mine on Thursday…. I spoke to Craig, ext 3689, he rocks!

That’s a sweet deal right there, my friends. Many thanks to Dave; you rock. So if you haven’t ordered one already, check out MacMall and MacZone on our Tracker.

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