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Date: Sunday, July 6th, 2003, 21:25
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(Not even a great text editor can make me remember to put a hyperlink to the company that makes this product, it seems! My apologies to everyone –Emory)
Creative writers take note – if slugging through documents in Microsoft Word isn’t working out as well as you think it should, you may want to take a look at a new offering from Blue:Tec.

A lot of times when I’m writing something for this site, myself, or Powerpage, I end up using various editors and keeping a variety of files available in neat little stacks of files buried several layers deep in the Documents folder.
I needed a good way to keep notes around what I’m writing, and a nice way to view multiple parts of the same file I’m editting, and some little bells and whistles would be nice too.
Ever heard of Blue:Tec? Me neither!
Blue:Tec isn’t a known quantity in the Mac OS software game. But that may change pretty soon. I’ve been having a blast using this software. They bill it as an editor for creative writers – and the default settings have a lot of information for people cranking out a novel or stories.
But it also has proven itself to be a very capable swiss army knife for putting together stories for popular websites as well. I can easily pull in notes, paste it into the notes pane, split my editor and scroll multiple sessions of the same document.
Even better, you can keep multiple files in Project files, so if you have one project (lowercase “p”) you can dump words into those documents kept wrangled by your Project (uppercase “P”).
I’d also like it if the information inside the Project files to be indexed and searchable from the Finder in 10.3. Wishlist item! As of now it does not, and Blue:Tec support tells me that this is the expected behavior, since the files in each project are stored in the bundle itself, which isn’t indexed by the Finder.
There is a nice road ahead of the people at Blue:Tec, and they have a product that I feel is very unique and good at what it is supposed to do. If you do any creative writing at all, I suggest you give a shot.

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