USB Card Roundup

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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If you’re itching to get USB on your Wall Street right now, we’ve put together some links to shipping and forthcoming USB CardBus cards. In most cases a vendor has a Windows version of their Mac USB card, and you can just use their card with Apple’s USB DDK.

These are cards which PowerPage readers have reported will work. ADS Technologies has a card that isn’t shipping but we’ve been using it at the PowerPage H.Q. for some time. Only the Windows version of the Ariston CardBus to USB Adapter is shipping, but at least one PowerLister has successfully used this card on his PowerBook. The MacAlly USB PC Pard isn’t shipping, but a PowerPage reader has tried the identical PCAlly version of this card with success. The USB Cable PCMCIA card is a shipping product, though their web site points you to Apple’s developer site for the necessary drivers. And finally, one PowerPage reader has reported that the HiVal USB card found at CompUSA works with his PowerBook.

All of the USB PC Cards require CardBus, a feature on the Wall Street or later PowerBooks. The 3400 and Kanga PowerBooks, as well as earlier PowerBooks, don’t have CardBus, so you’re out of luck if you want USB on one of those older PowerBooks.

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