Verizon and Apple Fail to Support Bluetooth Sync on Motorola V710

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Date: Monday, October 4th, 2004, 08:29
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Neither Verizon nor Apple support wireless address book synchronization on Verizon’s first Bluetooth phone, the Motorola V710. Read more…

In his most recent Circuits column, David Pogue reveals that Verizon is finally introducing its first Bluetooth phone, the Motorola V710. The bad news is that two essential features, wireless address book sync and wireless file transfer, have been disabled.
Customers like me, who have stayed with hardware-challenged Verizon for its far-reaching network, and grudgingly have carried carried sync cables along with our Bluetooth-enabled laptops, are dismayed. It’s worth a look at David’s article to gain insight into customer and company perspectives on this matter.
In any event, there exists another roadblock to wireless syncing with the V710. A visit to Apple’s iSync Web site reveals that, as of now, Bluetooth is not supported by iSync on any Motorola phones.

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