VW New Beetle and iPod Unite

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Date: Wednesday, July 16th, 2003, 09:41
Category: Hardware, iPod

In their Pods Unite campaign, Apple and VW have partnered up to make the ultimate driving experience. With a purchase of a VW Bug, you will receive a free iPod and an iPod connectivity kit for the Beetle.

If you purchase a New Beetle after today, you will receive, as a free acceesory, a new iPod and an iPod Connectivity kit, with a total estimated value of $600. The iPod is a 15 GB new iPod, with VW’s “Driver’s Wanted” logo engraved on the back. You also receive a coupon for $100 a purchase of $999 or more from the Apple store, VW exclusive Street Mix CD collection, a free ebook from Audible.com, a VW music-zine, and a “Pods Unite” window sticker.
VW says that it seemed like a logical joining, because “apple’s audience is a lot like our audience. A group that embraces something different, simple and unconventional.”
Greg Joswiak said, “The union of the iPod and the Beetle — two design triumphs — truly represents one of the most stylish ways to take your entire music collection with you on the road.”

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