Wired: Car Thief Nabs Apple Sticker — Blame Boston

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Date: Tuesday, October 22nd, 2002, 05:37
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Wired points to a new form of car thievery: writer and blogger Sharon Okey had a rainbow-colored Apple sticker stolen from her car, according to her weblog. The culprit smashed her car window and took her Gap shoulder bag, which turned up in a trash can, but kept the sticker. The article goes on to talk about the phenomenon of Apple stickers and has a cool shot of a German decal designed to look like a Dock.

My take: blame Boston. Yes, the crime took place in Somerville, MA, near Harvard Square. Be forewarned, IDG: you’re moving Macworld Expo back to a city with higher incidence of auto theft than NYC. Note, as well, conspiracy theorists, that while the crime took place in May, Wired didn’t publish the story until this morning — withheld, I say, until the Macworld Expo deal was inked with the city of Boston. Hey, with Apple and IDG cooling off today, why can’t I fan the flames a little bit?

In the meantime, any suggestions for protecting the Apple Sticker on your car — a Sticker Club?

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