Wireless Internet Access Through Your Visor?

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Along with the Visor, Handspring also announced its Springboard platform to add capabilities such as wireless Internet access, two-way communications and audio playback to handhelds. According to the company’s press release:

Springboard modules currently available or under development include phones, pagers, global positioning systems, remote Internet access products, MP3 audio players, voice recorders, digital cameras, smart card readers, bar code scanners, field data collection probes and content modules containing applications, reference materials and games.

Hmmm…what’s next? An Airport-compatible wireless networking capability, maybe? Handspring also released a free development kit with all necessary documentation for developing Springboard modules.

Contents include electrical specifications for the Springboard slot; a software application programming interface (API) for modules; mechanical and electrical design guidelines for the slot; mechanical drawings for the Visor products; an approved vendors list for sourcing components; Visor cradle connector API and specifications and associated marketing and compatibility guidelines.

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