WirelessDriver Brings 3rd Party 802.11b Support to Jaguar

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Date: Thursday, August 29th, 2002, 01:57
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Ed: For those of you not familiar with Rob’s WirelessDriver: “The WirelessDriver is an open source driver supporting Prism/Prism2 wireless cards such as the WaveLAN/ORiNOCO, Cabletron, SkyLINE and D-link PCMCIA cards for use with MacOS X and the Darwin operating system from Apple. We created this driver to provide wireless access (802.11b) to powerbook users with 3rd party PCMCIA cards.This driver supports many vendor cards; read the FAQ to see if yours is (or can be) supported.” This is a beta release, but of course, we’re happy to know how it works out for you so feel free to post comments. -PK I have just posted WirelessDriver 1.0.0b5.1 to both my iDisk (robm) and to the usual spot on SourceForge.net. [ Download ]

This build has been compiled specifically for OS X 10.2 (Jaguar) and will not work on earlier versions of OS X. There will be a separate version coming shortly to fill this void. Please note: there is an issue in this release with installing the driver over top of an existing version. It will fail the first time you try to do this (actually, it will fail every other time). If it fails, please try to run the installer at least once more before asking for assistance.

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