WWDC: Apple highlights hefty tvOS update, new features to come

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Date: Tuesday, June 14th, 2016, 09:32
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Apple’s tvOS is about to receive a fairly hefty update, as outlined by Eddy Cue during the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference yesterday. Cue began by showing off a reworked iPhone remote app that includes all the same features as the bundled Siri Remote. When you’re searching for stuff to watch, Siri can now look up categories like “high school comedies from the ’80s.” Siri’s universal search is also adding YouTube to its content sources in the upcoming tvOS update.

The company will also be incorporating a new feature called Single Sign-on, which allows you to enter multiple login credentials at once and gain access to app from larger networks like HBO, ABC, NBC, ESPN and others. tvOS is also gaining a new feature called Live Tune-in, which lets you open live programming streams from certain networks (including ESPN and Disney) by just commanding Siri to put them on.

Other new tvOS features include a dark mode for those who don’t like the bright app grid background, and automatic download of apps between iOS and tvOS. Download a video app or game on your iPhone, and if there’s a TV version, it’ll automatically be installed on the box.

The most recent tvOS software update added a features like folders, voice dictation (useful for entering logins and searching for apps), and support for iCloud Photo Library and Live Photos.

Stay tuned for additional details as they become available.

Via The Verge

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