WWDC: Apple reveals iOS 10 details at WWDC

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Date: Tuesday, June 14th, 2016, 08:09
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Yesterday, Apple officially announced iOS 10 at its Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco. The upcoming mobile operating system 10 primary new features, going as follows:

User Experiencer: This incorporates an all-new lock screen, a refreshed overall look, the Control Center looks new, the lock screen now has widgets, and 3D Touch features are added to the lock screen. Widgets also appear in the Today view as usual plus the 3D Touch quick actions menu for new iPhones.

Siri: Starting with iOS 10, developers will have the ability to add features to Siri using a new SDK. Federighi used WeChat as an example. The UI for Siri looks similar, but now apps that work with Siri have much richer interface.

QuickType: Siri intelligence is now being applied to the keyboard. In addition to suggesting text, Siri can now suggest sharing locations to message replies as well as tidbits of information like contact information and calendar entries. Siri intelligence also means keyboard languages can automatically change based on context.

Photos: Faces and Places are back and better. Places is back on iOS, and Advanced Computer Vision brings face recognition. This also works with objects and scenes for search. Advanced AI is also searching locally on device to search photos for Memories to resurface trips and highlight reels of certain dates.

The new Memories feature gets its own tab and basically works like Slideshow on steroids. The content it creates is shareable and can be customized by length and mood. The new recognition engine for subjects is also coming to the Mac.

Maps: The app has a new UI and more Proactive (suggestive) features. Search now has more filters and a fluid scrollable list of recommendations. Traffic en route is also supported. The navigation view is now dynamic and panning and zooming ahead is now supported. Quick controls for route details and points-of-interest are accessible during travel, and CarPlay gains the new Maps features. Turn-by-turn directions are supported on instrument clusters of new cars with screens on the dashboard as well.

Music: Apple Music now has 15 million paid subscribers, according to Apple executive Eddy Cue. iOS 10 includes an all-new redesign that focuses on clarity and simplicity. Gone is the Connect tab, and the status bar issue on Now Playing has been resolved. Each tab now presents clearlabels for where you are in the app.

Apple Music now includes lyrics within the app for songs. Library is the first tab, followed by For You, Browse, Radio, and Search.

News: 60 million active monthly users and a new design in iOS 10. The new app looks sort of like USAToday. News now supports subscriptions and breaking news notifications are now baked in.

HomeKit: iOS 10 includes a new Home app built-in. Feature-wise, the app works like third-party HomeKit apps. What’s new is HomeKit is now integrated to Control Center including from the lock screen. HomeKit adds video support for accessories like doorbell cameras. Home is on both iPhone and iPad with iOS 10 plus Apple Watch.

Number nine is Phone: Voicemail now has a beta feature called transcription, and caller ID now presents possible spam. iOS 10 features a VoIP API that promotes apps like Skype and Facebook Messenger with calling features to work just like the Phone app. Recent call activity even integrates with the Phone app. Cisco integration means work calls can now be pushed to your iPhone as well.

Messages: Links and videos and other media now appears with a preview right in the app. Camera and photo integration is much cleaner, and emoji are 3x bigger. QuickType now works with emoji predictions, and the emoji keyboard now highlights emoji-replaceable words before you send a message.

Messages bubbles are now sizable with bubble effects. These animate differently as they appear. Invisible ink lets you send text and images that only appear when touched. You can also react to messages, Slack style, and use handwriting to reply to messages. Digital Touch from Apple Watch comes to Messages with iOS 10. And full-screen effects take over the redesigned Messages app to be more interactive. And for developers, iMessages apps is now a thing. Apple’s playing catch up with third-party message apps here. Examples including sending money with Square Cash or stickers from the App Store.

Other features in iOS 10 include collaborative Notes, more stable and editable Live Photos, Split View in Safari for iPad, and much more. Federighi highlights that privacy is present throughout each new feature with end-to-end encryption by default and always.

iOS 10 will require an iPhone 5 or later, an iPad Air or iPad Pro, a fourth-gen iPad or later, an iPad mini 2 or later or a sixth-gen iPod touch to install and run.

A developer preview will be available this fall.

As always, please let us know what you think and what iOS 10 features you’re looking forward to in the comments.

Via 9to5Mac and Apple iOS 10 Preview

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