X Apps: Ten for X, Bundle from Aladdin

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Date: Wednesday, August 28th, 2002, 11:30
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As Apple bundles a growing list of cool shareware apps, preregistered, on new machines, Aladdin is shipping its own bundle of fully-registered products, Ten for X for US$49.99 (street). The package offers MP3/calendar/script scheduling via Alarm Clock SE, file sync with ExecutiveSync, Aladdin’s own iClean for cleaning out history, cache and cookies for security, ideaSpiral brainstorming tool, LaunchBar which launchs apps and files by typing shortcuts, piPop navigation/launching program, PrintMagic for fine tuning printing options, and Psuedo for getting admin privelages without logging in as root. In addition, three Unsanity Haxies are included that restore favorite OS 9-era functions to OS X: FruitMenu (Apple Menu), WindowShade, and Xounds (Appearance Manager). In a move that may raise some eyebrows, the bundle also includes Limewire Pro for file sharing, an app often used to pirate music and applications. For those of you who like your software legal, this is a great deal: and so you have no excuse for software piracy, there’s even 500MB of trial software.

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