Xserve Unboxing Gallery Mirrored [updated]

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Date: Tuesday, July 9th, 2002, 00:00
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Xserve Chris Barrus posted an excellent Xserve unboxing on his .Mac (nee iTools) homepage only to have it shut down on him by Apple for “excessive bandwidth.” The PowerPage is proud to offer a mirror of Chris’ Xserve gallery.

Couple of observations:

It’s loud. Very loud. Incredibly loud. Loud as in “this is the loudest computer Apple has ever shipped” loud. Server folks that are used to big multi-processor hardware like this will know what I’m talking about. To give you an idea, I stuck my TiBook up to it (just using the internal mic) and recorded the sound from the Xserve as it was shutting down. Here’s the mp3 of it.

Out of the box, the two drives were formatted as discrete partitions (“Server HD” and “ServerHD” – not as a striped or mirrored set.

The Xserve does not ship with a keyboard or mouse and the video connector in back is straight VGA, not an ADC connection. Again, since the Xserve is designed to go into a server rack it’s no big deal, but you’ll need them initially to get things set up. Oh yeah, you’ll also probably want some caffeine too.

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