Xybernaut Offers Windows Based Wearable PC

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Fairfax, Virginia based Xybernaut (NASDAQ: XYBR), besides boasting the largest pool of wearable technology patents in the world, claims the most advanced wearable computer in the world, The Xybernaut Mobile Assistant IV (MA IV?).

Available with a touch screen flat panel color display, head mounted color display with hands-free voice recognition and activation, the full-function MA IV makes it possible for workers to access data, file reports, send e-mail and connect with the Internet virtually anywhere–under an engine, atop a utility pole, beside a pipeline, inside a clean room or walking down a warehouse aisle. Operation can be performed non-stop, without interrupting a worker by looking away or letting go of a safety grip.

Prices for the head mounted device range from US$5,489 to US$6,971 and includes your choice of Windows 9X or NT.

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