ZDNet: Convergence soup: Let's get small

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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O’Grady’s latest article for ZDNet extolls the virtues of miniature technology but also takes a look at the side effects of convergence.

One truism of technological advancement is miniaturization. Take a look at anything with a CPU, microchip, or memory module these days; newer models are always smaller than the last. In fact, the size of a piece of electronic equipment can be used to date it, not unlike the number of rings in the cross-section of a tree.

Looking into the crystal ball of this month’s Comdex/Fall ’00 in Las Vegas revealed big new things en route in small packages.

Notebooks, cameras, and consumer-electronics devices shaved ounces and even pounds at this year’s show, and a few new miniproducts made a surprisingly big splash.

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