G4 vs. G5 Desktop Enclosures

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Date: Wednesday, January 23rd, 2002, 03:12
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A reader sends this thought about the imminent speed-bumps to the G4 towers:

The Power Mac G4 "event" will be a very low key launch, similar to the PowerBook G4 speed bumps in September. The current industrial design is a sell to the faithful.

The reason? Simple. If Apple put all it’s new technology into a new G4 Tower now, such as new motherboard, memory, firewire, wireless, etc., what would make the G5 (when it ships) so special? All it would be is a new chipset… I can’t see Steve saying "Look at this new G5. It totally breaks the Tower mold because it has a new chip… Isn’t it great!?" Uh, that just won’t happen.

Apple is holding it’s true breakneck power for the introduction of the G5 Towers. When Apple does, they will go hard after high end dual P4/Win2000 markets.

The G5 will be targeted at multiple high end markets. Macs, PCs, Unix environments, you name it, it will be Apple’s target. It will be a big, big launch, and stand on it’s own similar to that of the iMac.

On a related note: Robert Emslie posted a gorgeous rendition of his G5 dream machine on our favorite cartoon site. Warning… Slippery with Drool!

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