Technologist Lou Miranda points out new golden age of Apple’s device hardware and operating systems

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Date: Tuesday, March 21st, 2017, 05:15
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It’s an article that ran roughly nine months ago, prior to the release of iOS 10, but it makes some good points.

In the article, technologist and author Lou Miranda points out that the iPad Pro was handicapped by the software available at the time, namely iOS 9. Upon its initial introduction, the original iPhone had great software, but was handicapped by slow hardware.

Miranda then offers the following very relevant points:

Apps can only be as powerful as the operating system they’re running on, and iOS 9 is limited by its support for very old devices with very slow CPUs.

The key here is that iOS can only get as powerful as the slowest hardware that it supports.

Miranda points out that, as of now, we’re entering a golden age for mobile computers, thereby allowing the iOS to start peaking what it can do. The same argument can also be made for the Apple Watch and watchOS, which means there will be next to no limitations as to what the device can do.

Check out the full article for Miranda’s GeekBench and chart-based hardware comparisons and please let us know what you make of this in the comments.


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