TiBook Extreme Cooling: Dust Off

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Date: Monday, May 13th, 2002, 12:00
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I have to tell you about a true “cool pad” I saw on the Apple campus at the end of WWDC.

In the marketing department, there is a VP (who we all know) who has a “667 Fan On All Day” TiBook. He has it mounted on one of those plastic cutting boards (used in the kitchen).

Screwed into the base of the board, is a stainless steel 1/8-inch diameter (6-inch high) upright tube, that has a hose clamp welded to the top of the tube. The hose clamp is just the right size to mount one of those compressed air “Dust Off” cans.

He then goes into the supply room, gets a can of Dust Off, mounts it upside down in the clamp, and aims the hose into the rear air vent of his Ti Book. Any time the fan activates (loud), he presses the button on the can and discharges the liquid carbon dioxide into the vent, which sprays all over the processor radiator, and shuts the fan down for about a half hour!

Amazing, do you think Steve knows this guy is going through a case of “Dust Off” a week keeping his 667 cool?

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