17" PowerBook Manual in Japanese; No 400-800 FireWire Adapter?

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Date: Monday, February 17th, 2003, 12:15
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3 days ago Apple posted the first user manual for the still-upcoming 17″ PowerBook. It seems that it comes without a FW400 to FW800-adapter as the graphics in the 7.2 MB-big manual probably shows only the modem cable.

Ed: Before we assume the author is correct, I think we need someone with Japanese skills to check on the manual. But sure enough, I don’t see a FireWire 400 – 800 adapter listed on the specs for the machine, or even as an optional accessory. And aside from a PDF technology brief from Apple, there’s not yet support documentation on FireWire 800. An adapter will definitely be available from someone. Stay tuned. -PK

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