A New Way to Cool Hot Notebooks

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Date: Thursday, March 3rd, 2005, 23:13
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ThermaPAK is a novel, innovative way in keeping your laps and notebooks cool. Unlike insulators a.k.a. pillows and textbooks, ThermaPAK absorbs the excess heat and stores it. Nor does it drain your battery like those fan pads.

Born from countless hours typing away on our trusty 15″ PB in front of the TV, we were fed up with battered laps and uncomfortable couch positions. Being engineers, we tried to find a neat way around this problem without draining our batteries (i.e. fan pads) or suffocating our notebooks (i.e. pillows) and out came ThermaPAK.
The active “ingredient” behind ThermaPAK is a phase change material that goes from solid to liquid and vice versa when heat is absorbed and expelled, respectively. The great feature is that the material can revert “phases” for years without any noticeable changes in its heat capacity. And this all occurs in room temperature. No need to put it in the fridge.
ThermaPAK is comprised of an enclosure specifically designed to contain the phase change material and increase absorption of heat on surface contact. For convenience and simplicity, the active cooling device is built into a laptop sleeve. When not using the notebook, one can just “stow and go.”
Check it out at: www.ThermaPAK.com

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