Airport Security Destroys Woman’s MacBook, Offers to Make Amends

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Date: Tuesday, December 15th, 2009, 06:03
Category: MacBook

If I ever thought the TSA people were knuckleheads, they’ve just been put to shame.

Engadget has the story of overzealous Israeli airport security officers stopping American attorney Lily Sussman, asking her a volley of questions, taking issue with her answers and placing six bullets into her MacBook before allowing her into the country. The full course of the event is described over on her blog and the young lady has been offered compensation, though this leads to one central point: back up your data.


If you have any similar airport security horror stories of your own, please let us know.

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7 Responses to “Airport Security Destroys Woman’s MacBook, Offers to Make Amends”

  1. Six bullets? Naw. Look at the pattern (and envision the lid closed). Only THREE bullet holes there, in truth.

  2. This didn’t happen at an airport. Read the article in the Israeli paper and/or her blog.

  3. I once went to the US and had my retinas scanned, my fingerprints taken and someone with a foot fetish asked me to remove my shoes. Does that count? 😛

  4. USA’s TSA are top notch.

    Airport security isn’t a glamorous job. Screeners diffinately arn’t doing it for the pay. They must be motivated by service to country. Why else would they tolerate the abuse they receive from passengers day end and day out?

    Traveling public in the USA don’t really know how good they have it.

  5. And it still booted up!! Impressed that it’s still in relatively decent shape. Screw kevlar, I think we should issue MacBooks to our soldiers.

  6. Actually, it looks liek only three bullets. Unless they hit the same spot multiple times.

  7. Israeli security never shout on passengers laptops without reason.Its democratic and not islamic country