Apple confirms Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, Migration Assistant update for Mac OS X 10.6 systems

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Date: Wednesday, July 20th, 2011, 04:53
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Things to do today: Upgrade your operating system to Mac OS X 10.7.

Per AppleInsider, Apple confirmed that Mac OS X 10.7 Lion will launch on the Mac App Store on Wednesday.

The company also released Migration Assistant Update, allowing users to prepare their Mac for the update to Lion through the Mac App Store. The update is a 312kb download available via Software Update or direct from Apple.

“This update addresses an issue with the Migration Assistant application in Mac OS X Snow Leopard that prevents transfer of your personal data, settings, and compatible applications from a Mac running Mac OS X Snow Leopard to a new Mac running Mac OS X Lion,” the official description reads.

Apple has been holding off on the introduction of new Mac hardware until it finally releases Lion. The company had not previously not offered a specific launch date for the operating system, only promising that it will become available on the Mac App Store for US$29.99 at some point in July.

Signs of an impending launch continued appear as the week went on, with Lion said to have arrived at Apple retail stores on hard disks this week for installation on demo machines, and photos of promotional materials at third-party stores.

Stay tuned for additional details as they become available and if you have any feedback about the upgrade experience, please let us know.

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2 Responses to “Apple confirms Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, Migration Assistant update for Mac OS X 10.6 systems”

  1. What a disaster. I’ve installed this on a mac mini about a year old. Slowed it up so badly that I’d switch back in a second if I could. I’ll work with it through the weekend but if it is still this slow after trying to tweak some things, then I am just going back to the old system as much as a pain in the butt that will be. Do not install this yet, until you see more feedback. Joe

  2. I upgraded the RAM from 2 to 8 and it really did not help. Someone told me that a clean install would have worked better. I switched back to Snow Leopard yesterday and it was easy with no loss of data. “IF” you use time machine, then insert your snow leopard disk and boot from that. Along the way, it will ask if you want to restore from a backup and will give you the option of selecting time machine. Al you need do is select the date in time machine where you know that snow leopard was installed. This will restore your computer to the exact point where snow leopard was installed: applications, mail, everything.