Apple iCar round up article released, addresses everything that’s currently known

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Date: Tuesday, September 6th, 2016, 05:26
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Beyond all the rumors and speculation and theory, these guys did the digging.

A lengthy article over on describes billions of dollars in R&D, more than 1,000 developers, an assortment of mysterious workshops and a name – the “iCar” – that could be the biggest thing to the auto industry since Karl Benz’s ground breaking Benz Patent-Motorwagen first introduced the world to the motorised carriage 130 years ago.

The piece describes a shell company, an assortment of innocuous real estate and properties and the project, termed “SG6”, as being housed in Sunnyvale, California with only city council documents pointing to it.

As of now, secretive work is being done with the same level of secrecy that goes into other future Apple projects. Not much is known outside a tightly knit circle of engineers, developers and construction experts occupying the site and anyone who enters the five-acre complex is asked to sign a confidentiality agreement that legally binds them to remain silent as to anything they have seen, heard or experienced at the site.

Case in point, this is a killer write up as to what’s known about the project, it covers everything that’s known and everything that could be dug up and it’s worth the read…


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