Clad Your iPod nano in Style

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Date: Tuesday, November 8th, 2005, 19:01
Category: iPod

speck-nano-cases.jpgIf you own an iPod nano it’s a pretty good idea to keep it in a case. Unless, of course, you want it to look like you took a piece of steel wool to the display. For the first month or so after it was announced nano cases were impossible to find, but now there’s a veritable plethora of nano cases coming to market.
Speck Products makes a bunch of cool cases for the iPod nano that are worthy of your hard-earned bucks. My current favorites are the ToughSkin, Cloud ToughSkin and the Grass FunSkin (US$35 each).
The ToughSkin is a ruggedized case that can survive high impact, the Cloud is a white fluffy case that looks like the Michelin Man and the Grass is like wrapping your nano in a miniature putting green. Each comes with a removable belt clip, which I remove because it’s redundant and a crystal-clear screen cover that is essential.
Like any good case Speck’s skins leave enough open space for the docking cable, headphone jack and hold switch. One minor nit I have with the ToughSkin is that the dock connector opening is not quite big enough to accommodate the PocketDock Combo from SendStation

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