Entourage's iSync Compatibility Pushed to 2006

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Date: Friday, September 9th, 2005, 11:09
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Microsoft state that they expect Entourage to be made compatible with iSync sometime during the first half of 2006, despite statements made at MacWorld in January 2005 that the update was almost ready.

Mac Information contacted Microsoft this week to find out when they expected to ship their update to Entourage 2004. Since Tiger was released on April 29th 2005, we had expected that an update would be released for Office 2004 users to make Entourage compatible with iSync.
UK PR manager for Microsoft, Lucy Fairbrass, stated that “we expect to deliver sync services support during the first half of 2006.” She also stated that “as with Spotlight, we continue to strive towards providing our customers with the latest Mac OS technologies”.
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