Extended Desktop in OS X for New iBooks

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Date: Monday, October 28th, 2002, 01:00
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I have developed a method to use true dual head (monitor spanning) mode with my iBook 700MHz. This is a different method from what I posted here in July (swapping ROM files) which only worked in OS 9. [We also covered this again at the beginning of October. -Ed]

There is a small Open Firmware script that enables this feature on all Radeon-equipped iBooks independently from the OS so it’s usable in OS 9 and X. You can read detailed instructions here. Please note that this only works with the most current iBook line. The older iBooks with Rage graphics are not supported (and some may even be damaged – see note at my Web site).

The 17-inch iMac also has dual head capability but this script doesn’t work for the iMac yet. I hope to figure it out soon. The iMac works in OS 9 with the ROM swap method already.

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