Firmware Hack to Enable Missing Features on PB Superdrives

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Date: Wednesday, August 13th, 2003, 12:12
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A hacked version of the firmware for Apple’s Superdrives in now available…

A hacked version of the firmware for the PowerBook Superdrive is now available for download.
This version of the firmware will enable higher speed burning (2xDVD-R, 16xCDR) plus support for DVD-RW media. Results from users who have tried this update are available here.
Basically, this firmware updater will flash the Superdrive with the OEM firmware from the UJ-815B drive. That’s the same drive that MCE is currently offering to allow 2xDVD-R and DVD-RAM support. According to user feedback, this update doesn’t allow the Superdrive to use DVD-RAM, probably because Apple uses the UJ-815A revision of the drive.
If you decide to use this updater, please be sure to read all of the warnings, caveats and other possible ramifications. You may void your warranty and there is always the possibility you will damage your Superdrive.

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