Fraud Victim's Plea for Help: "They Stole My PowerBook G4/867!"

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Date: Tuesday, December 3rd, 2002, 08:22
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I recently was the victim of a fairly large fraud ($3000 for me is a lot of money). A man in Chicago bought a brand-new Powerbook 867 with a ton of extras from me Fedex COD (certified funds). Everything seemed OK, I’ve done this several times before with no problems. I even talked to the guy on the phone before I sent it out (I have his number). Turns out the cashier’s check I got back was forged, phony, fraudulent. No such bank even. So now I’m out not only my computer, but also the $3000 and now my finances are in complete disaster area since I had already spent a good deal of the money on christmas shopping.

My question, and plea for help: I figure this guy had the package sent to a drop, doing a reverse lookup on the address yields three phone numbers. Doing a reverse on the phone number he gave me, it turns out is a Nextel cell-phone, so I can’t get a valid address without paying a private investigator. I’ve already filed police reports in Chicago, IL and New Orleans, LA (where I live). What I need help in is getting this guy’s real address from his cell-phone. If there are any PI’s out there or anyone with Nextel who can help, please let me know. Chicago PD isn’t really going to do anything about this and I’ve got a trip coming up to Chicago, I thought I might at least try to track the guy down, at least have him arrested.

If anyone out there can provide assistance or can help me in any way, please let me know. I’m a student and this much money is going to put me under.

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