iBook: The Ultimate Emergency Lighting

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Date: Wednesday, January 1st, 2003, 14:13
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As I prepared to attend a New Years Eve party, the power went out in the neighborhood! I still had to take a shower, shave and get dressed, after waiting several minutes to see if the power in the neighborhood would come back up, I knew that I had to take steps if I hoped to make it to the party. I couldn’t find the candles, but glowing in the dark of my house was my iBook Apple logo. I had a high tech survivor candle. Opening the iBook and starting up the computer provided more than enough light so that I could shower, shave and dress. Perhaps someone could write a program to have the screen glow all white for the best light output. Of course one has to have a fully charged battery. Thanks to Apple, I was able to make it to the party. Ed: For additional shaving help, don’t forget your iMac mirror. Now we just need a rubber inflating case so your iBook can double as a flotation device. -PK

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