iCal Arrives; iSync Coming Soon

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Date: Tuesday, September 10th, 2002, 06:10
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Apple announced today the release of iCal, its calendar application for Mac OS X Jaguar. iCal is available immediately as a free download, offering multiple, color-coded calendars, notification via e-mail or page, and two-way sharing of calendars via the Internet; not only is calendar publishing supported, but subscribing to calendars, as well. Apple has already posted a library of public calendars ranging from Coldplay tour dates to SAT test days to film festivals and release dates to sporting events. (And, of course, Apple Store events at its flagship stores.) More will surely follow from Apple and others.

One of iCal’s most anticipated features, however, awaits the release of iSync: without iSync, iCal can’t yet synchronize with Palms, iPods, and Bluetooth mobile phones, but that software is also expected sometime this month. Stay tuned.

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